Ma perchè Waasi?

But why Waasi?

Finding the right name for a brand is certainly not a simple thing and enlightenment rarely comes after a nice nap… usually it takes some time before finding the right name, the one that a bit like the wedding dress, you think 'it's HIM'.

Every time I thought about this project I didn't dwell so much on the name to give it as on the imprint I wanted it to take.

I wanted a brand that was 'strong' and 'rebellious', something women could relate to.

And it is precisely here that I lingered on these two words... that have been buzzing in my head for months. I started translating them into all the languages ​​of the world… but with poor results. Then one day I translated the word REBEL into one of the most important and used dialects in Central and East Africa: Swahili.

The translator tells me… WAASI


It seemed that no other name could be more suitable than this, almost as if it had been tailored to my project, to what I had in mind.

I finally have a name and I have SOMETHING TO INSPIRING!

As a young rebel woman I decided to draw inspiration from all the great women who changed the world, who with their discoveries made this world what it is. Those women who, despite having made important businesses, are still little known, little known, to whom so little is still recognized. All our jewels bear their names and have a bearing and pertinence with their lives or their discoveries.

So in my small way I'll try to let you know them all, one by one, because each of our jewels is inspired by them and what they did and what they were or are.

I hope you can fall in love with Waasi as much as I did and I wish all of us women, which has since become our slogan:

'Be Classy, ​​Be independent, be WAASI'

(how translated 😆 I wish you to always be elegant, independent and REBEL!) ✨

yours, Claudia.

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